Master Recruiting Guide

Lele Hartman’s Recruiting Guide and Templates


CONTACT your Campus Recruiting Manager for more information! A lot of this is built off of & inspired by

Table of Contents

  • How to Prepare Before Opening
  • Ways to Recruit
  • Vector Advertising Rules
  • Canva (Designing Social Media Images)
  • High School Email Resources
  • Group Facebook Post Resources
  • GroupMe Jumpstart
  • DMing School Instagrams
  • DMing Students on Instagram
  • Info Session Email Template
  • Craigslist Posts
  • Exporting Instagram Follower Lists
  • College Campus Resources

How to Prepare before Opening

Make an excel sheet with a few tabs

Template Here:–M/edit#gid=0

TAB 1) A list of all the towns (with indicator of wealth), all high schools, and all colleges.

(This guarantees that you and your staff have the same birds eye knowledge of your territory.For facebook jumpstart, it will be easy for your people to know which schools to pick first.)

TAB 2) A list of all territory facebook groups and statuses

TAB 3) Campus Contact tabs

TAB 4) Instagram Organized tabs

  • A color for each individual recruiter
  • A list of each school’s instagrams
  • Search for one, and chances are most of the club/sport instagrams are
  • following it
  • Export them using (ask your dvm for help)
  • Clear the dups and add them to the spreadsheet
  • Just hide them as you finish each 

Ways to Recruit

Personal Recruits

  • Training PR collection
  • SMRA PR collection
  • Post Interview PRs
  • 3-way text

Social Media

  • Triple threat
  • Facebook Jumpstart
  • Instagram Jumpstart
  • Snapchat Jumpstart
  • GroupMe Jumpstart
  • Posting on Facebook Groups
  • Remessaging
  • Tik Tok / Reels Contests
  • Invite friends to like your page on facebook


  • Posting on every job board (except Handshake)
  • Clipboarding / campus tables
  • Emailing high school guidance counselors, deca teachers, career centers, and athletic coaches
  • Emailing / visiting
  • Classmate emails
  • Virtual info sessions


  • Text interview no shows the moment the interview is scheduled to start
  • Texting interview and training no show/cancellations after 2 weeks
  • Texting callbacks / past PRs


  • Put your application link in every work-venmo you send out
  • Craigslist post about receptionist positions
  • Texting unqualified receptionist applicants about the rep position
  • Flyers / outside of the box recruiting 

Vector Advertising Rules

Post by Mike Monroe:

GENTLE REMINDER: RE: Standards of advertising. DOs. DONTs.

Applications, whether on Google forms, websites, etc. may NOT ask for a birth date. This is a violation of the Age Discrimination Employment Act.

Instead of requesting a birth date, instead ask, “Are you at least 18 years old or 17 and a high school graduate?”

Written references to pay must include the phrasing “base-appt.” It is not sufficient to use phrasing such as “$15 to start” or “$15 base pay”. The correct phrasing is “$15 base-appt.

It is illegal to use the term “hiring” or “job” In respect to independent contractor positions. These words should not be used in any written or verbal communication, websites, domain names, etc.

Instead of “hiring”, use phrases such as “filling openings”, “accepting applications”, or “now interviewing.” Instead of “job”, use words such as “work”, “positions”, or “openings.”

Canva (designing social images)

Use to create and edit social media images! Catch your recruit’s eye with a trendy image (the cleaner it looks, the more legitimate they will perceive your advertisement). I’ve made a ton, feel free to take a screenshot of my designs and edit them with your office’s information.

Another great site to use is Adobe Spark. A lot of people use Canva. I try my best to switch things up whenever I design images on either of these sites, because I don’t want it to look too generic.

For video ads, I would recommend the app Mojo or!

NOTE: When you make social media advertisements, make sure you follow the rules for advertising about Vector!

High School Email Resources

Emailing High Schools is not going to give you instant gratification.

This is not all about you. What’s in it for them? Focus on the value and opportunity you’re providing them. You might end up doing some volunteer work for the school… get excited about that. This is about building long-term relationships.

Communicate with your DVM, especially if you’re a branch. This is a long-term game… it’s about building… BUT branches can gain so much through on-campus work. (Our branch Thomas Malaiko launched his first few reps through high school emails and got into private school networks).

Organizing: make a google document or sheet with a list of the names of your schools, a list of emails, and the status of their response. Whenever you hear back from someone, update your response status (so it’s easier to keep track of the schools that are the most excited to work with you, and the schools that haven’t responded/need to be followed up with.) Setting this up the right way is the difference between building relationships & being intentional… versus just mass messaging educators…

A High School Email Should Include:

  1. Self-Introduction
  2. Company-Introduction
  3. Offer value (bold it)
  4. Call To Action (bold it)
  5. Thank them. 

Don’t make the email too long… you want them to be able to glance at it and know exactly why this matters to them. A LOT of schools won’t answer. Some will, after the 5th time (lol). Some won’t respond, and will let their students know about the opportunity without saying anything… all of a sudden you’ll just get a bunch of applications from the same school.

Send the high school emails during school hours, ideally not too close to the end of the school day. If possible, avoid sending it on a Friday/any Holidays (to avoid getting a ton of “Out of Office for the Weekend” Responses.

High School Email Templates


First Email 2020(with reference to covid 19)

Follow Up Email

High School Graduation Email

Beginning of the School Year

Social Media Receptionist Email

Feb 2022 Spring Email

OTHER EMAILS: Best Response Rate Results: I’ve gotten the best results from this email. We were invited to a career fair, a table, and got several school job board postings within the same week. (cannot use during coronavirus, since your call to action is a meeting.. Unless you wanted to edit it and request a Zoom meeting!)

Running Email Drafts: A list of all the emails I’ve tried out with schools. I use it to inspire the right verbiage and to create new emails.

Group Facebook Posts

Gain access to advertise to tens of thousands of people. I did this before opening and got over 100 applicants from this alone, just within less than 3 days.

Step 1) Request to Join Facebook Groups Related to Your Territory

Search key-words on Facebook and click “Groups” on the top sorting-bar. All groups that include that keyword will come up. Request to join the group (some may ask you to fill out some information. If you can’t… (ex: they want your student ID and you don’t go to that school) just move on to the next one. Request to join as many groups as you can.

Great key-words to search: college names, county name, high school name (it’ll lead you to mom groups, yard sale groups, college housing groups, class of 20xx groups, club groups, alumni groups, news and events groups)

Step 2) Check the Group’s Rules

(usually in their “About” section) You don’t want to piss off a huge group of 10,000 moms in your territory, educators, or college students. Your goal is to HELP them. Be persistent, confident, and caring. Don’t be annoying. Don’t be stupid.

There may be a specific day dedicated to posting advertisements. You may need to get advertisements approved.

3) Post in the Group


Hey all! My name is NAME, and I own a business in TERRITORY County. We work with a lot of college students, because of our flexible schedules. Everything is virtual! This means that while many other companies are closing their doors to students, we are actively offering work-from-home positions with guaranteed pay.

I’m accepting applications for positions in entry-level customer service and sales, as well as social media assistants/receptionists. My office website has all the info, as well as applications to request an interview. Stay safe and healthy everyone! I hope this helps. 😊



Receptionist Post Example:

Hey guys! My name is Lele Hartman, and I own a business in Middlesex County. I’m accepting applications for social media receptionists. The job is on Rutgers Handshake, but I figured I’d let you guys know here too 😊 It’s $12/hour + bonuses and 100% VIRTUAL!

We work with a lot of students, because of our flexible schedules. My office website has all the info, and applications to request an interview. Stay safe and healthy everyone! I hope this helps. 💗

Step 4) Don’t forget! Turn off commenting

In a group of thousands of people, the likelihood of an angry elf is pretty high. Turn off commenting to avoid negativity, you don’t want that attached to your advertisements.

GroupMe Jumpstart

GREAT IDEA FROM ALYSSA GOLDEN: Most students are in a group chat with all their classmates, and some of these class groupmes can have hundreds of students in them.

Note: DO NOT message in the entire group chat. If one person is negative in response, it kinda ruins it for everyone.

Note: messaging the admins in the group is probably not the move, but everyone else INDIVIDUALLY is an amazing idea.

***********Send it INDIVIDUALLY to each person. As far as I can tell, there’s no limit to the number of groupme messages someone can send.

Hey NAME! I hope you’re doing well! I’m in the same SUBJECT class with you. I wanted to let you know that the place I have been working is interviewing right now for work from home positions. I volunteered to reach out to some people in my network to get the word out. I’ve had a great experience and made some really good money. Are you or anybody you know currently looking for work this semester?

DMing School Instagrams

  • This is a great way to try getting in touch with high schools that haven’t responded to your emails. It’s also another way to build presence, and relationships.
  • Use social proof if you can.

Idea from Christian Mancheno: Something to be on the lookout for is high schools are creating insta profiles for their graduating seniors in lieu of a graduation


Hey! This is YOURNAME, I’m the manager at the local TERRITORY Vector Office. I just wanted to reach out to you guys about a job opportunity we have for students. It’s entry-level sales and customer service, part-time with flexible schedules. Our starting pay is $FILL IN base-appt and that is regardless of sales, with opportunities to earn more.

We’d like to contribute to your school in any way we can; Several high schools in TERRITORY County have posted us on their school instagram pages to get the word out to their students. We were actually DECA’s National Advisory Board Partner of the year, and we have several scholarships that students can compete for. Can you post about our job opportunities on your instagram story or feed?


ALWAYS DM: Thanks so much! If there’s anything we can do to contribute to your school we would love to help anyway we can.WHEN THEY POST ON STORY: screenshot and add it to your story. Give social proof of the school partnerships you create.WHEN THEY POST IN GENERAL: comment something nice on it, and screenshot/repost to give social proof of the school partnerships you create.

EXAMPLE: *send screenshot of a previous post they’ve made for you*Hey! This is Lele Hartman, I’m the manager at the Boonton office. I just wanted to thank you guys for making this post over the summer. One of your students, Cassie Cogan who just graduated this June started working with us over the summer and she has had great success and an amazing experience. She was even accepted into our very competitive and exclusive Leadership Academy Program, where she’s learning personal, professional, and financial development skills through the company while she’s away at school.*send image*I wanted to extend the opportunity to your students again this fall, and send you a new post since we are accepting applications!

Info Sessions

Idea from Mallory Powell: reach out to school fraternities, sororities, clubs, etc, to schedule an info session with the students to get the word out about our positions.

Hello!My name is YOURNAME, and I am the TERRITORY County District manager at Vector Marketing. We work with a lot of Rutgers students, because of our flexible schedules. I wanted to reach out to see how we could provide any value to your [FRATERNITY / SORORITY / CLUB ] and get the word out about our part-time student work positions available.

Our company has been using virtual systems for over 5 years now, but due to COVID we are only utilizing virtual systems to interview and train representatives. This means that while many other companies are closing their doors to students, we are actively offering work-from-home positions with a guaranteed pay of $FILL-IN base/appt.

With the extra time on your students’ hands due to online classes, we want to offer them the opportunity to gain real work experience while working safely from home. Our business is called Vector Marketing, the marketing and sales arm of CUTCO. We have positions and internships available for current and recent students in entry level customer service, sales, and office administrative positions. We teach students skills in communication, public speaking, time management, and more.

Our application website is LINK

I would love to schedule an information session with your [ CHAPTER / CLUB ]. How else can I get involved to provide value to your school and students? I look forward to continuing to work with you to help students develop real-world career skills!




STATE Manager Vector Marketing

Craigslist Posts

Note: You CANNOT post about the rep position on Craigslist. It is NOT allowed!

BUT, you CAN post about the receptionist position!

Change Title Accordingly:

Students Welcome: Social Media Assistant

Students Welcome: 1-5 Week Winter Break Work: Social Media Assistant

To apply: Please fill out the quick form at

We are looking for a few fun and friendly individuals to work part-time (100% VIRTUAL on ZOOM). The hours for this position are about 4-7 hours a week with completely flexible schedules. There is the opportunity for more hours and a pay increase based on performance as time goes on. This is a perfect opportunity for high school students or local college students. No experience required as we provide training virtually.

Responsibilities:-Social media advertising (Training provided)-Helping to get the word out about our opportunities -Helping to manage our social media accounts -Light admin work

Benefits:-$12/hour starting pay based on experience-Eligible for bonuses and pay increases based on performance -Room for advancement based on performance -Fun, friendly, young professional work environment

Requirements:-Must be 17+-Must have a laptop -Positive attitude, neat in appearance, friendly -Comfortable with social media

Exporting Instagram Follower Lists

College Campus Resources

go to (it will direct you to vectorconnect. Log in, and the campus docs resources will come up!)

Lele’s On Campus Guide / Blog Post: 

Awesome Campus Attack Guide from Joelle Hertzog: 🔥

1.What I have done so far

  • emailed all my universities career services 
  • scheduled a catch up call with Northampton community college to walk through recruiting options for fall
  • completed part time job fair at Cedar crest college- emailed, got the table for 48 hours later
  • got a campus table scheduled for Kutztown university for sept 28th
  • LCCC got back to me to let me know they are not doing campus tables but invited me to their job fair in November
  • Muhlenberg College followed up and we are doing a catch up call next tuesday
  • it took me 15 minutes to send out these emails and these were my results

2. How did I reach out to my schools

  • vused the vector east virtual coffee request on campus documents on vector connect – my subject was “Coffee and Catchup” to those I already had relationships with and “connect over coffee – opportunities for your students” it if was a new school/career service employee
  • made sure to CC Mallory in each of the emails I sent out
  • instead of emailing the general campus career center email, I looked up the faculty of the career services department and sent it to the correct person (most I already had a direct contact with)
  • for schools that did not respond, sent a follow up career services email and plugged the head person I was already connected with – here was my template for that follow up email : 

I hope this email finds you well as you are kicking off the semester. With a changing landscape in recruiting, I wanted to see if I could schedule an information table  this semester on campus. I know I have connected with Chad Ganley for recruiting options over the past 2 years and have done information tables on campus in 2019 and early 2020. 

You may have seen communication sent by my colleague, Mallory Powell over the past year featuring our virtual work opportunities for students. Our students have been able to thrive with us while working virtually around their class schedule.

Please let me know what dates are still available for a table, if you have any questions for me about our company or our student programs, you can email questions or call me directly at 570-581-0884.

Thank you,

Joelle Hertzog

District Manager, Lehigh Valley PA

 Vector Marketing


3. Campus table results

– me and 1 assistant manager direct scheduled 17 people for my interview- followed approach on campus documents and printed out QR codes the CRM team created for us – key is that it is a job fair – so they are also checking out other jobs too, so schedule for same day or next day to increase efficiency. 

4. What did I do to improve relationships with schools that weren’t cooperative

– fall 2019 I dug in with this – for campuses that did not respond to my calls or emails I just walked right into campus career services. Just wanted to introduce myself and put a face to the name, I would ask what they know about our company- if they had negative responses, I would let them get it all out and just laugh at the end and say “that’s exactly why I am here” – and just share my story of how vector impacted me as student which inspired to be in my role today and I am passionate about working with students to give them the same opportunity. Some schools didn’t let me jump right into recruiting – I had to earn it. Mallory taught me to offer my services first, impact students without asking for anything in return. So I have been a guest speaker for some of their classes, ran workshops for time management, building a good resume, and how to prepare for a professional interview, and followed their recruiting guidelines. Once I built a relationship and trust with them, they allowed me to do more on campus. 

Use to create and edit social media images! Catch your recruit’s eye with a trendy image (th

Questions? Comments?


Reach out to Mallory Powell / your campus recruiting manager! 

Text Lele Hartman @ 9736107070