Personal Coaching Guide

by Lele Hartman

Why are PCs Powerful?

  • Group management and PDI only gets you so far.
  • Your reps deserve your personal time and attention, and this is a huge way that you can build personal relationships, add value, create more success for your reps and office.

PC Tips

  • Before you coach anyone else, you need to learn to coach yourself. 
  • Take notes. Send them to the rep afterwards, and put the notes in queuesalesteam or webpdi
  • Keep things confidential. Don’t record unless it’s okay, and don’t share the recording unless it’s okay. 
  • Don’t be afraid for the PC to go in any direction. Have intention and an agenda, but let it flow freely. 
  • Be prepared – vectorconnect, queue, , and virtual demo results all up. 
  • When possible, ask them to come prepared (with a schedule set or reflection questions /form answered )