1. Go to To Do Spreadsheet and check weekly, need done and if time later the rep recordings.
  2. Log into VectorLive and check office schedule so you know what is going on.
  3. Check Online Applicant spreadsheet and see if there is anyone who has not been text yet. (Make sure to update spreadsheet)
  4. Check MightyText for people who have not been responded to / scheduled.
  5. Do the same for ConveYour.
  6. Post in the staff Groupme what your game plan is for your shift, and ask Iara/Sean/Owen if there is anything he needs you to prioritize or add to the list.
  7. Look for ways to contribute & add value. Don’t be busy, be productive.

Assistant Manager To-Do

Remote Version Spring 2020
    Always complete these tasks during your shift.
    If you have finished all of the tasks in the "Always" checklist, and any extra tasks that your manager wants you to prioritize, begin this checklist.
  • Check Out Questions:

    Fill this out at the end of every shift.
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