The results you see will highly depend on your discipline in life. Consistency is the key to success. 

This course is designed not to teach you what you NEED to know, but what you WANT to know to be a beast mode manager. 


Week 1: Welcome!

“I don’t know what I don’t know…”

    • Many managers open knowing NOTHING that I’m going to teach you in the next few weeks
    • This is my secret to success, I want to share it.
    • It’s not about knowing everything, it’s about doing
    • The program works for you.
    • You’re not alone – utilize each other and build a community of new managers. 

Imagine what it will look like…

    • Not opening from scratch
    • Building momentum NOW
    • Winning a trophy at SC2
    • Promoting your first assistant manager
    • Having the biggest paycheck of your career
    • What else would you be excited about?

Let’s get started!

Researching Your Territory


    • fill out the territory tab on your bootcamp spreadsheet
    • make a list of the instagram accounts that you want to export instagram followers from.

Examples of high school instagrams to look for:

    • High school senior accounts
    • Class of __ accounts
    • Club accounts
    • Sport team accounts

Pro Tips

    • some schools will have tons of instas, some won’t.
    • if you have a smaller territory, you can also pick out great senior students from your schools and export their followers.
    • usually clubs follow other clubs
    • search both the high school name AND the high school acronym (ex: mhs instead of Montclair High School)
    • if the account is private, request to follow it

Example of Lele’s Researched Territory Sheet and Insta Sheet

Week 2: Exporting Insta Handles

      • Make an office google drive account if you don’t already have it to purchase the google chrome extension 
      • Since it is a chrome extension, you will need to use chrome… and it’s best to use their own office google account, not their manager’s (unless you are a sales manager or AM)
      • The purchase you make to get webooster will be a tax write off… $12/month is WORTH not having to hand-write 5,000 instagram handles 
      • I’d recommend just having those handles exporting in the background throughout the day as you do homework or other things on your laptop.

Week 3: Emotional Management & CAP Prep

Matthew Kelly’s SLC Talk:


My favorite manager talk I’ve heard (I’ve listened to it 9x over the past few years). It’s about managing your energy as a manager! 10/10 recommend even for the vets

Week 4: Emailing Campuses & Facebook Group Posting

Hey y’all! Just to summarize our call (I’m so happy with how much we were able to cover. You guys are sponges!)

https://njlegacystaff.com/masterrecruiting/ This is my Master Recruiting Guide with templates, rules, all ways I know of to recruit, and more.

https://njlegacystaff.com/oncampus/ This is my On Campus Guide

www.CampusDocuments.com (also the campus recruiting bar on the sidebar of vector connect) has AMAZING scripts, guides, email templates, and more from Mallory Powell, the queen of campus recruiting herself.

I’d recommend getting a vector marketing manager email set up to send high school emails!

We talked about joining all facebook groups in your territory and keeping track of them on the spreadsheet, and we talked about collecting all of your high school contact information to send an email blast and start building relationships! All details of what I went over are in my blog posts.

I didn’t mention it on the call, but 2 things: 1) I recommend changing your current town status to the center of your territory and 2) I recommend also collecting college career services emails

Week 5: Contracts & Get Ish Done Day

Reach out to your manager with any questions.

If you haven’t yet, complete your Easy Llama course!

How to enter HS Grad Dates on LDVM for mailers: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1-L3QyZWifc8L9HO2johVwAYV1ofajDg2/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=msword


Week 6: Little Things, Big Difference (AKA Keys to Efficiency)

Lele’s recommendation to Legacy Managers:

  • Get your office mightytext phone at least 1 week before opening… but the sooner, the better. (iPhones DO NOT work with Mightytext)
  • Android 11/12 can be finicky with Mightytext. Just get a phone with Platform Android 10 and then DON’T UPDATE IT. 
  • For branches, Twigby is a cheap and reliable plan without a contract
  • For districts, get a legit serious phone plan
  • I recommend using Honey, a chrome extension, when making purchases (it auto-checks for discounts!)
  • You need 3 things to use mightytext… 
  1. A mightytext PRO account (use your BRANCH google account to sign up)
  2. A samsung/android with Platform Android 10 (example- Galaxy A51)
  3. A phone service connected to your phone (example- Twigby, Verizon, etc)

My thought process is I can make WAY more money when…

1. My receptionists can respond on mightytext when I can’t

2. I can text dozens of people in a fraction of the time, and spend my time on more profitable tasks like pdi, coaching, interviews

3. You have all your text templates inputted straight to mightytext.

A branch can run a successful branch without mightytext. Do I think that is smart? No. I think not having to worry about the three things above is very much worth it. If you wanted to wait 2 weeks to get the phone, would that be the worst thing in the world? No. I just figured it wouldn’t hurt to get it set up early and get the ball rolling. If I were in your shoes, i’d set up at least when you start running interviews. Chloe mentioned that the galaxy A51s are discontinued. What’s most important is that it’s using platform android 10, not 11 (and that you DO NOT update it to 11) Twigby had a few options that fit the description that I showed on the call

Week 8: Get Ish Done Day!

No video recording because my entire computer CRASHED 

Connect your google form

Step 1): Set up your Google form by following this step-by-step guide http://bit.ly/FBJlesson4

Note: Only New BMs/DMs should create a Google form. AMs, your office will already have one of these set up.

Step 2) Watch the attached video. Set up a domain forward. https://www.facebook.com/1216770018/videos/10219250332548568/

Set Up Google Drive

Forms needed: application form, pre-application form, post-assessment form, and weekly form

Note: If you aren’t in the legacy division, make sure these are the forms your manager wants you to use! 

Optional: link your team builder form to your post-assessment form 🙂 




Lele if you edit her stuff before making your own copy ⏬

Set Up Mightytext

  • Buy phone with previous instructions
  • Buy mighty text pro (LELE’S REFERRAL LINK HERE: http://mightytext.net/Rqj8Qx7 )
  • Download the mightytext app on the phone

Mightytext Recommended Settings:

On the COMPUTER mightytext application:

  • Go to settings, general, and scroll down to “MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS DEFAULT”
  • Select “Send as individual SMS messages”
  • WHY? This is so that you can send up to 25 recipients the same message, and they will receive the message individually (not in a group)
  • Note: I recommend only sending 10-15 messages at once, 25 can overload the phone, especially if the phone is older.

On the PHONE mightytext application:

  • Click the 3 little dots in the top right corner of the mightytext phone app
  • Turn on “Ping Network” in the advanced settings
  • Turn on “Store phone logs”
  • Back on the homepage of the mightytext app, click the 3 little dots in the top right corner and click “Battery optimization”
  • (You might need to tap apps not optimized) Turn off battery optimization for mightytext and messages.

If you ever need help with mightytext, here is their knowledge base https://help.mightytext.com/support/solutions

Sheet with Text Templates

Note: if you aren’t in the legacy division, make sure these are the message templates your manager wants you to use!

Note: When inputting your text message templates, the messages you put in first will be at the bottom of the snippet list on Mightytext. AKA- The newest snippets you enter will be at the top. You can’t change the order of the templates unless you delete and re-enter them in the order you prefer. I’d recommend inputting the message templates you imagine yourself using the most last (so you don’t need to scroll each time). To input the templates, go onto the computer application, click settings, and click “Signatures and Templates.” Be sure to save each one. 

Make a copy, go through message templates shet, control/command F 

  • LINK
  • 24.50 (if pay is different)

And replace with your info 🙂


Financial Tips:

  • If you are a DM – consider getting a business-only card (to easily and automatically have your business expenses separated.)
  • Whether you are a BM or DM, I highly recommend categorizing your expenses at least once a month. This allows you to write off more for your taxes at the end of the year and makes your life so much easier. There are many apps that can do that (I used to use Everlance before I started using Rising Stock)


Week 9: Social Media Tracker and Get Ish Done!

Social Media Message Templates

Make a copy: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1omGJ7EFXZH5PgaS6foctdxvG9J4LWHUtjKBxyp576ZU/edit?usp=sharing

This is EVEN better than the tracker we had a few weeks ago in the beginning of the bootcamp!

IF YOU HAVEN’T, FILL OUT YOUR OFFICE OPENING FORM (different than your manager paperwork – it can be found on VectorConnect under “my office”

Week 10: Last Call & Wrap Up!

“You don’t need to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King