Step 1) Set up a New Base Pay Calculator Sheet for this Week

  1. Right-click the Base Copy and click “Duplicate”
  2. Right-click the copy of the Base Copy and Rename it to last week’s tab week dates.

A tab week is between Tuesday and Monday of that week. That is the period that the pay is calculated off of per week.

Step 2) Copy over the Rep reported results for the week

  1. Open up the Weekly Results and Goals Spreadsheet
  2. Copy all of the names over
  3. Copy the Demos Completed Over
  4. Copy the Orders and CPO over (rows I and J in the Weekly Results and Goals Column)
  5. You can close out the weekly results and goals form

Step 3) Now that you’ve copied everything over, alphabetize the sheet in the Base Pay Calculator Spreadsheet

  • Select all cells, except the headers
  • Right click > Sort Range > Column A > A-Z > Sort

Step 4) Confirm the Demos Completed
PDI Column

The way that I confirm Demos Completed is by seeing if the demos reported by the rep EXACTLY matches the number of times they called PDI within that weekly period.

  • Log on to
  • Look up a rep’s contact and count how many times they called for PDI within the date range. Input that into the PDI section of the Base Bay Spreadsheet
  • If the number of times they called PDI is MORE than or EQUAL to the demos they reported, you can type the number of demos they reported into the Base Pay column.
  • If the number of times they called PDI is LESS than the demos they reported, you’re going to use the Virtual Demo Form to count how many demos they did. If that still doesn’t work, you’re going to count their demos on Queue Sales Team.

Step 5) Confirm CPO and orders for each rep

  • Use weekly sales detail on to make sure that each rep’s CPO and order number is correct (IT MUST BE CORRECT WHEN YOU ENTER THEIR PAY ON VECTORCONNECT LATER SO THIS IS SUPA IMPORTANT)

Step 6) Let your manager know the spreadsheet is done so they can approve it and enter pay!