How to: Crush FB Jumpstart (WIP)

Step 1) Maximize your profile

  • Have a nice profile picture
  • Avoid posts with bad taste (drugs, passive aggressive/negative posts, etc) and delete/hide old posts with bad taste. 
  • Everyone on our team is good with this. The one thing we could all do better with is posting at least once a day on facebook (even if it’s sharing other posts on facebook) 

Step 2) Select territories that you will target on facebook jumpstart on this google form by putting your name next to High Schools.

Step 3) Create Lists

  • Go to the sidebar of Facebook
  • Click “Friend Lists” 
  • If you don’t already have a list called “Acquaintances,” click “Create List” and name it as “Acquaintances.” This list will be used for anyone that you could potentially message about the job, but haven’t yet. 
  • Also, if you don’t already have a list called “Facebook Messaged,” click “Create List and name it as “Facebook Messaged.” This list will be used for anyone that you have already messaged about the job. 

Step 4) If you haven’t done this before, add your CURRENT friends to your lists. If you have done this before, make sure any new friends are in your “Acquaintances” Friends List. 

  • Go to your profile page
  • Click “Friends”
  • Click “All Friends”
    • Don’t be picky, select as many people as possible, BUT also don’t select Mom, Dad, or Aunt Suzy. 
    • Hover your mouse over the “Friends” button next to each person’s name, and select “acquaintances,” as shown in the picture below. Add each friend who could potentially work in our office. 

Step 5) Adding

  • Find at least one person on Facebook from your selected High School Territory. 
  • Go to their Facebook Profile page, and click “Friends”
  • Underneath the “Friends” tab, click “High School.” This shows all of the person’s friends that have gone or go to that specific high school. Add away! 

Step 6) Putting your new friends into groups 

  • Note: Don’t add people into your Acquaintances List until they’ve accepted your friend request. 
  • Go to your personal Profile Page, click “Friends,” and then click “Recently Added.”
  • “Recently added” shows any new friends you have on Facebook from the last 3.5 weeks. 
  • Hover over the “Friends” button next to each profile, and select “Acquaintances.”
  • Tip: don’t wait too long to select your recently added friends as Acquaintances, it’s way more complicated to sort new friends once they disappear from the “Recently Added” page. It’s possible, but takes a few extra steps! Save yourself the time by not procrastinating. 

If you’ve sent out more than 1000 friend requests and get an error message while trying to add new Facebook Friends: Follow the steps on this link- 

Morris Mayhem Facebook Jumpstart: Let’s Start Messaging 

Note: The biggest mistake I made when FBJumpstarting last summer was poorly managing my groups. I didn’t consistently update who I had added and messaged, making things more complicated!

Step 1) Post about the job on your Facebook profile

  • Hide the previous post about the job on your Facebook page. 
    • To do this, click the […] three-dotted button on the top right corner of the post
    • Click “Hide from Timeline”

Step 2) Message 50 people per day (first messages MUST be through the phone, NOT laptop)

  • Make your life easier by putting your initial messages and responses into ShortCuts on your phone.
    • iPhone Steps
    • Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > +
    • Put the message in the “Phrase” section, and the shortcut (Ex: wjob for the response to “what’s the job?”
    • Ta Da!

Step 3) Move each person you message from the “Acquaintances” group to the “Facebook Messaged” group. (There are a few ways you can do this)

  • Go to the side bar of your facebook page and click “Friend Lists”
  • Click “Acquaintances” and Click “Facebook Messaged” → open the pages split-screened in two different tabs.
  • In each tab, click the “See All” button on the “On this List” section of the page. 
  • On the “Facebook Messaged” page, change the view from “On this List” to “Friends”
  • As you message, type in the names of your friends on the “Facebook Messaged” page and add them to that list. 
  • Click the pictures of the people on your Acquaintances list you’ve added onto the Facebook Messaged List, and they’ll automatically be deleted from the Acquaintances list.

Step 4) Respond to your messages