How to: Instagram & Snapchat Jumpstart

Morris Mayhem Snapchat Jumpstart: How To

Step 1) Add a link to the image you’re going to send

  • Go to your camera roll, select the image you want to post. 
  • Press and hold down on the image, click “edit photo”
  • Click the 📎paperclip and link to the picture.
  • Press the blue arrow

Step 2) Send it to your story and your friends

  • Press the blue arrow, select “My Story”, then select every friend
    • Literally select every friend unless it’s Mom, Dad, Aunt Suzy, or someone who lives far away 🙂
    • It will automatically send it all individually 🙂
    • That’s it 🙂 

Morris Mayhem Instagram Jumpstart: How To

District Manager note: use chrome extension “Instagram v2” to download an excel sheet of instagram followers for an account.

Step 1) Open Up Instagram on your Laptop OR USE LIST PRINTED

  • Sign in, go to your account
  • Click “followers” on  your profile page

Step 2) Post the image on your story on your phone

  • You can’t add links to photos unless you have 10k+ followers

Step 3) Send the image to your followers

  • View your story
  • Press the […] three dots on the bottom right corner
  • Click “Send to…”
  • Start typing your followers one-by-one in the order they show up on your followers list on your profile. 
    • Some friends will come up in alphabetical order, but these are only people you’ve already DM’d. It’s not everyone. To avoid double-sending, send it in the order that 
  • Click “send separately” 
  • ****No one has any idea what the limit is on instagram DMs. Lele sent like 400 at once one time and they all went through with no problems. Keep us updated with this and let us know how it goes