Managing Duplicate PRs

Clearing Duplicates on :
Go to:
Recruiting > Personal Recruits > Manage Dup PRs

**Goal = text as many people as possible and only remove the MOST recent.
*If the person was referred MORE than one month ago: mark as PR CALL LIST
*If the person was referred LESS than one month ago: mark as DUPLICATE

Click “Process All” at the end of every page and continue until there are no Duplicates left to clear.

Once Done Clearing Duplicates:
Go to the home page, click “Training Day 2” on the schedule and click “Training Log.”
Click on the names of anyone who is marked as show to Day 2.
On the individual’s page, scroll all the way to the bottom to “Personal Recruits.”

Edit all names to remove any nicknames. If you’re not sure of their name, change their first name to “there.” (To edit a name, click on it and the contact will open in another tab.)
Fall/Spring Semester: The rep will have ★ starred their non-local friends. Their local PRs were left unstarred.

Sending the Groups to ConveYour
Scroll to the bottom of the Recruit Information page and click “Select PRs for ConveYour.”
Make sure all names were edited correctly.
Click “Select All” and click “Send checked to ConveYour”