Office ConveYour – Training PRs

Link to send / view texts:
Login: | cutcoteam21

This is a program the company has developed to make life easier for managers. When representatives submit PRs in training we can elect to send their PRs to the text center or we can send them to our ConveYour account where we can manage groups, send & receive texts using snippets and shortcodes to make it way simpler.

Here is a playlist of videos on how to use all of the components:

Creating Groups on ConveYour (

Go to “Groups” on the sidebar

Click “+ Create Group”

Name the group “ NAME’S PRs (Local / Winterbreak)”

Sections should include: (SEE PICTURE)

To break up the groups, you can separate the groups by gender. 

Add section: Their Gender   IS male / female / unknown

(if you gender the groups as male, you must also make groups  for female and unknown).

If you break up the groups, include the gender in the name of the group as a label. 


Go to “groups” on the side bar, scroll down until you find the groups from the most recent training. 

Click the text icon, and then click the snippet icon. Select the snippet that says “Training PRs  – First Text.”

Re-Name the group with [TEXTED] in the name. 

Don’t send too many at once, so you can keep up! Send the text, and get ready to respond!