Posting Jobs on LinkedIn

by Lele Hartman (All info credit goes to Susie Paine!)


How Do I Make Sure my Job Posting’s Efficiency is Maximized?

    • Don’t use “work from home” in the title of the job post- this will cause the job to advertise over the entire country, decreasing the likelihood of receiving applicants in your territory
    • There are certain words and phrases that can cause the ad to be taken down by LinkedIn for not being compliant of job-posting laws. (For example: using the word “student” too many times.)
    • Sometimes LinkedIn will take down ads that are 100% compliant
    • To avoid your post being removed, use the template made by Vector below.
    • Job postings reach applicant capacity at 75 applicants. It will ask you to pay at this point. DON’T PAY. Close the posting, and post a new one 1-2 days later. 

How Should I Post the Job?

    • You can totally post an SMRA job on LinkedIn (even though there is not a template provided for it), but keep in mind you can only have 1 active job post up at a time per account (for free). 
    • If you post from your profile, it only lets you use “Sales Representative” as the title for the job post. 
    • If you post from the Job Tab, you can use any authorized title from the guide below, AND you can format it. 
    • You MUST have your official vector marketing email on your LinkedIn to make the job post (request on Vector Connect if you don’t have one). 
    • To get the #Hiring badge on your profile picture, go back to your profile and share the job post you made. 

Where do the Applicants Go?

    • Have the applicants sent to your email OR to a non-google-form application. 
    • Vector recommends the applicants be sent to your email. 
    • NOTE: Vector does already post on LinkedIn for us. But us posting gives us the #Hiring badge, a local post to your territory, and a post attached directly to your account. 
    • Let Susie Paine know if you have any questions: