Winning On Campus

by Lele Hartman


Looking for other recruiting tips? Lele’s Master Recruiting Guide Here


  • Text a past/current rep, friend, acquaintance… ANYONE before going on campus that GOES TO or WENT TO the school.
  • Ask them what parts of campus have the most foot traffic.
    • EXAMPLE ➡️ ➡️ ➡️
    • If you don’t have someone to reach out to… here’s a few tips
    • Campus bus stops (not city bus stops, campus specific bus stops), cafeterias
    • You can also look up what times the students get out of class and be in front of the largest academic buildings during those times


      1. hand out as many biz cards as possible
      2. Get kids who ask for more info signed up for an interview on the clipboard
      3. Make a great impression on career services


      • Your goal is to be as attractive and approachable as possible. 
      • You want to attract students to the table
        • Play music
        • Have candy at the table
        • If outside, even bring a bubble machine (cheap ones can be bought @ 5-Below)
        • Have vertical things at your table to be visible from afar (aka – a dry-erase easel with bullets about the openings ; stand- up framed vector awards)
      • Be approachable:
        • Dress like a polished student, not an intimidating businessman / businesswoman


✅  Are they providing you a table or are you bringing one?

✅  Clipboards, clipboard sheets, and pens (or iPads) for direct scheduling

✅  Table cloth

✅  Business cards for in-handing (click for template)

✅  CHARGED Speaker and Laptop

✅  Shears and pennies

✅  Candy

✅  Dunkin Munchkins for career services / staff

Not as vital, but GREAT to have:

✓ Cutco Bluebook with scholarship pamphlets

✓ Flyers for bulletin boards 

✓ Chalk for sidewalk adverts

✓ Easel and expo markers or vertical printed ad 

✓ Bubble machine

✓ Trophy/ Framed Vector Awards


  • If foot traffic slows down, don’t fret! Check the class schedule or ask a student what time classes will get out. The students will come in waves
  • The person with the most confidence has the most influence
  • Other things you can do… :
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • pin up flyers (if you put them on bulletin boards or near other flyers, they won’t be taken down. Another great place is on the inside of the door of the bathroom stalls). If you put them out of place, they’ll be taken down depending on the school. 
  • Visit business professors and get to know others on campus that can open doors for you


      • Business cards for in-handing (click for template)
      • Don’t be afraid to walk right up to the students and hand them the business cards
      • If you CONFIDENTLY and CHEERFULLY hand them the card, 99% of the time, they will take the card
      • When you hand them the card, say something like…
        • “Here you go!”
        • “Did you get one of these yet?”
      • If possible (it’s possible) don’t do this from 5, 10, 20 feet away. Do it from 1-3 feet away and basically put the card IN their hand.
      • It’s not weird if you don’t make it weird. Make it fun.  A bunch of kids will even say “thank you!”
      • It’s easier to in-hand when you’re standing near a table or sidewalk chalk advert.


Are you looking for work?

Ok great!

It’s entry-level customer service and sales,

So it’s meeting with customers, answering questions, and helping place orders. Pretty simple stuff!

It’s 100% flexible, 100% virtual, and we’re running videochat interviews this week. You can actually sign up for a virtual interview right on these clipboards 🙂 *POINT TO THE CLIPBOARDS*

Optional: we were just voted the #1 job for college students by College Magazine, and the #1 best company to work for by USA Today

If they ask about the interview

Basically I’ll introduce myself and get to know you, go over the details and answer any questions you might have, and then we can decide whether or not we are a good fit to work with each other.

If they ask about the product

Yeah! The product is Cutco, have you ever heard of it before? No problem, most college students don’t pay a ton of attention to the kitchen stuff in their household, but it’s basically just really great kitchen stuff and moms and dads love the stuff.

I actually have the super shears with me and they are pretty cool. They’re American made, dishwasher safe, and forever guaranteed just like everything else we make. They’re actually strong enough to go right through a penny *cut penny*

So yeah! The products are awesome and they really sell themselves.


      • We follow up with everyone the MOMENT we get back from the table
      • We don’t send the texts out while we are at the table because anyone who is free to work is at the table with us
      • I would rather hand out 20 more business cards or talk to 5 more kids than spend that time staring at my laptop screen
      • We put our clipboard applicants into a spreadsheet so that we don’t lose their info and can keep better track of efficiency, and we send them a confirmation text 
      • If someone applied through the link, we text them or call them like any other applicant! Don’t overcomplicate it. 

Text to send to students directly signed up for interviews from clipboard:

Hey! It’s Emily, Lele’s receptionist 🙂 I’m texting you about the job table at SCHOOLNAMEHERE today. You are all set for DATE at TIME. During the videochat interview, the manager will go over the details, answer any questions, and make a decision about whether you will be a good fit. 

We’ll email you a link to our videochat interviewing system (there is no download or signup required to use it). All you’ll need to do is click the link and be on the videochat 5-10 minutes early, since the interview starts promptly. Dress biz casual and be prepared to have your camera and microphone on in an environment without many distractions. Good luck in your interview!





$24.50 base-appt

Flexible and virtual

Optional: looking for work? / looking 4 work? /apply today!

  • R U Broke?
  • Holiday Help
  • Winter Break Work
  • 1-5 week Winter Break Work Program